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Home Tutor Panipat

1. Home Tutor Panipat is an established home tuition service in Panipat area. We carefully recommend qualified and selected tutors to help with school subjects for all ages. We have been providing tuitions from the last 9 years, with the aim to build confidence, skills and the enjoyment of learning by personal encouragement.
2. Home tutor in Panipat allows you to get options about teachers.
3. Home tuitions in panipat provide the most transparent, honest and efficient services for prospective students and to represent a highly qualified teacher with a commitment to excellence.

4. Home tutors in Panipat prepare students to succeed in their selected subjects by providing the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, self-discipline, confidence, a professional attitude.

5.Home Tutors  can make life easier for you. we can help you acquire your students in a faster, easier and cost effective way.


  • For students, lives are becoming increasingly complicated today. Juggling homework from school with extra curricular activities, while making sense of future priorities, is not easy for them. We rarely get time to pursue our passion or spend time with the people we like.
  • Learning should be fun, easy and effective – so we can do better at our pursuits and still have time to enjoy life.
  • We believe in continuous and progressive growth for every child. Every child is special and has unique identity. We firmly believe that every child can flourish if given right guidance and mentor. To achieve our mission and vision we provide FREE academic assessment for a detailed evaluation of your child’s strengths and challenges.
  • We use our initial assessment to pinpoint each student’s grade & age placement, allowing us to ascertain their current academic position. This assessment will also help us to understand child’s challenges, so that we can develop the right game plan with tutor to help them succeed.



1. We build our service based on trust and value to save your time and money.
2. We constantly strive to improve our quality & standards.


1. We are easy to do collaboration with.
2. We recognize individuals by encouraging development and rewarding performance.
3. We communicate specifically, honestly, and with respect to all customers and employees.
4. We exceed customers’ expectations in service and urgency.
5. We seek input and feedback for the continuous improvement of products, service levels and processes.
6. We do what we say we will do.
7. We are community minded.



Please ensure that, Tutorial sessions take place in a quiet environment in your home, so that tutor and student can work without disturbance. We would suggest as good practice, parent or guardian always be present in the home during tutorial session.
1. Is an opportunity for you to see how you get along with the Tutor.
2. The tutor will want to talk through your subject with you.
3. The tutor will do some exercises with you to stretch you and understand your learning style.


1. Don’t be afraid to ask your tutor to raise or ease the pace or difficulty of sessions.
2. If you would like to change anything about the sessions (content, structure) just mention it to your tutor.
3. Help other parents and Students by providing feedback about your tutor through

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